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the following is an excerpt from the Charity Newsletter and describes the importance of water aid in places where little to no water (or aid) exists. Water aid is something that the Charity places great emphasis on AND with your help we move forward with our Charity water projects .

The charity has had on its long term agenda a water aid project at Kisiio Primary School away in the Kitui
District, the only school outside the main concentration of schools. Kisiio is in the same league as
Nzouni in its poverty and underdevelopment. It has one blessing though; water; its 22 acres has one long
border stretching along the Athi water ways via a perennial river that offers much scope for the improvement
of the school itself at least in terms of water.

Some years ago the headmaster and chairman of the school committee produced an idea involving this stretch of water. This idea
was that their extensive Shamba (garden or smallholding, in this case land the school has available to
grow food and fruit) could be planted with 600 Mango trees should there be access to sufficient water. this water would, within ten years produce enough fruit for contract sale that would produce enough aid from water for the school, hopefully, to become self sufficient. The trustees have always thought this scheme worth pursuing. With aid now available from the substantial donation made by Real Life Development we have
asked Kisiio to formally prepare a ‘business’ plan for us and to fully cost it for our consideration. This
was one item on the agenda at the harambee so the discussion was out in the open for all to
comment on if they had any issues with it.

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