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Secondary education in Kenya is not free, unlike primary education, so for many children, their education ends after Standard 8. We run a sponsored student programme where we seek out donors to take on a student who would otherwise miss out on further education due to poverty. This poverty has many causes; AIDS orphans, displaced people squatting on land and unable to make a living as a result, or simply having no job but having to live where they are, due to scarcity of viable land. Donors can be individuals, families, schools or corporate bodies (who can write the donations off against tax).

With an annual cost of £420 per year, most of the academic costs for each student is covered.  Part of the donation goes to preparing the student in  material terms for the jP1190685oining of a boarding school, girls require slightly more funding but the ‘swings and roundabout’ nature of things balances this all out. Your student is now equipped to hold their heads up high and stand on an even footing in their new community without the stigma of poverty. In return donors receive several letters each year from their student and receive an annual school report showing progress.

Secondary education is key to allowing people to move out of poverty and allows them to gain access to university places. We encourage these students to return to their local communities and work in schools or in other leadership roles within the community. This lifts to whole community and allows us to continue our ongoing work ensuring a good education for as many Kenyan children as we can raise funds for.

Some children are incredible students in primary school, but a few fall off slightly in secondary school and this is often due to hormonal changes, much as we see in our own community. But nothing is lost; leaving secondary school with a secondary school certificate gives the student an enhanced chance of employment.

You can see a fantastic case study of one of our most successful students below:

Gap-africa sponsorship casestudy

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please get in touch with us at: