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The team at Gap-Africa invite groups to volunteer in Africa. These can be school or college groups, or any other groups of individuals interested in helping education in Africa. There is so much volunteers  can do for the Charity and local communities on the ground to assist staff at the schools, especially if volunteers have particular skills such as music, art and craft or sport, as we can use these volunteer skills to bring some new and life altering experiences to the students in Africa.

The area the Kikunduku Schools Project (KSP) is set in is particularly harsh, being entirely volcanic with little soil cover. As such we do not recommend long duration visits. All visits are accommodated in tents and volunteers are required to do their own cooking and dig their own, short term, latrines.

Volunteers can also be involved in our rolling program of upgrading existing buildings by helping to install windows and doors. Volunteers also help run a Skills Workshop programme if they have a specific skill.

Volunteer groups in Africa play a pivotal role in changing individuals’ lives for the better. If it is an expedition with a difference volunteers are after, which will also make a difference and ‘take life to another level’ for both those that you are helping and for yourself – then take up this opportunity to volunteer in Africa with Gap-Africa. Gap-Africa has all the contacts neccessary to guide you towards a full and enriching expedition in Kenya. It is also a great opportunity to boost your CV! If you are interested please Contact Us.