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Education is vital in Africa and is something that our Charity, Gap-Africa, places a lot of emphasis on. The following is an excerpt form the Gap-Africa newsletter. It highlights a different type of education, that of education students in conservation, which is often ignored in educational institutions the world over.

One of our camera traps, set up in the school compound for a week, captured some interesting
photos last year. One picture showed the face of a Chyulu Hills National Park Ranger’s face, one
known to us as Joseph, proving that he was at the school at that time. His presence was due to the
elephants making a nuisance of themselves again and he and a colleague spent a week guarding the
school day and night. This treatment seems to have worked so far!
We are considering making the camera traps a permanent part of the education program, the short
stint last year showed the community that they shared their environment with animals they claimed
were not there, particularly that of Hyaena that would make a short snack of a child.