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Saturday 31st August was the last official day of the summer. A group of enlivened walkers, keen to take full advantage of the last of this beautiful summer, set off on a charity walk along the Ridgeway to raise money for the Kikunduku Schools Project.

At the very sociable time of 10:30am, 18 walkers set off from the market town of Wendover. Their walk was to take them 17 miles along the historic Ridgeway path, out of the county of Buckinghamshire and into Oxfordshire. The ground was hard after a dry summer and the weather was, and remained, fair.

The excited chitter-chatter of the group carried through the hills as they made quick progress, taking in some of the country’s finest views on the move, and walking right past local attractions such as Chequers – the PM did not pop out to say hi. Just a few quick pit stops to refill water bottles and take on some isotonic (or is it ice and tonic) drinks halted the marching pace.

Bolstered by another 4 walkers towards the end, the group continued swiftly until the finish. The walk was long but everyone put in a great effort and the sight of the finish line was a very welcome one for all eyes.

Despite tired legs, the walkers found some extra energy at the sight of an impressive BBQ and a bathtub of cold beers. The evening event was a roaring success with over 50 attendees who cleaned out the raffle tickets as well as the homemade burgers! As the last summer evening light faded (rather quickly) the raffle was drawn. The revelry carried on long into the night, fuelled by leftover sausages and Good Old Boy.

A huge thanks to all who took part in the event and gave so generously, and a special thank you to those without whom the event would not have been such a success. So far £3,215.74 has been raised for the Kikunduku Schools Project – a great charity. If you wish to make a donation, or to find out more about the charity, please go to https://mydonate.bt.com/events/ridgeway.