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Cox Mill Elementary School in Concord North Carolina has a long association with the Kikunduku Schools Project (KSP) in Kenya that is the main purpose of Gap-Africa. Cox Mill’s fund-raising is guided by Celeste Black, a teacher at the school and assisted by Stephy Rickaby who has been to the KSP many times and continues to support them.

Cox Mill are currently supporting two orphan students through secondary school, something these two bright children would have been denied as they have no other support to pay for secondary education.

We also need to thank Cox Mill, and all its young students who work so hard for their African counterparts, for the other help they have given over the years, namely; the successful uniform project, building refurbishment and keeping the classrooms supplied with the necessary text books and stationery every teacher needs to make their work possible.

Thank you Cox Mill and we look forward to our continued association and your possible and anticipated teacher/ adult visiting group to the KSP in June 2015! It will be tough, the conditions are harsh, but you know that and are still working on visiting for which we commend you.