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James Warren continued his great fundraising efforts this month by running the Reading Half Marathon.

James is famous for accidents on trips to Kenya. Over his two trips he managed to end up in a Nairobi hospital with an over-expanded lung and being stung by a scorpion at the coast, near Mombasa.

Despite this, James is a proactive man who never lets these incidents slow him down. When asked about his favourite moments on the expeditions he talks about helping others to get to the top of Mount Kenya and helping out with school projects. James is a huge a role-model to everyone around him, showing them that with hard-work and positive energy, you can achieve anything.

We are glad to say that James completed the half marathon without attending the Royal Berkshire Hospital or getting lost (in 2011, James got lost for a number of hours in Central Park after he completed the New York Marathon).

From everyone at Gap-Africa we want to say a huge thank you to James.