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The photograph shows George Lawley of Shiplake College Expedition Society planting the first tree in a future 15 acre, 600 Mango tree project at Kisiio Primary School in Kitui District in Kenya in July 2014. Also shown is the big Chinese water pump engine needed to keep the two 15,000 litre irrigation tanks full. Kisiio is lucky to have the Athi River as one of its boundaries, meaning a year round supply of water.

The school first raised this project in 2009. It is projected that within 10 years the school will be self sufficient in funds from marketing the mangos. This means Gap-Africa can move on to a nearby school also in desperate need.

The trees are being planted at 8 metre square intervals leaving acres of ground between
the trees to grow other staple foods such as pumpkin, beans, Nzou and maize. As the trees grow this produce will be naturally restricted, but by then they will be able to buy
in what extra they might need. In the early years funds will be raised from the over production of produce. All in all a fine and well crafted balance.

We will update this project regularly and follow the growth of the trees and the project.