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The Shiplake College Expedition Society visit to the schools project went well again in July 2015. Many desks were made by the expeditioners during our stay at Kikunduku Primary School as well as several sorely needed bookshelves. We saw the newly cleared site, accomplished by parents, where the new secondary school is to be built. The early November 2015 visit found the block of two classrooms and integral administration area and staffroom built up to plate height. The next phase funding has been dispatched so the rooms should be ready for use as the new academic year starts in January and the new secondary school starts its first year.

On the way out of the foothills of the Chyulu Hills we passed by all the other schools in the project visiting all our current building projects. The huge dining and community hall at Kyaani Secondary now only awaits the roof, the primary school has its girl’s dormitory up to roof height and our recent visit in early November 2015 found the building complete apart from the cement floor and doors being fitted. The electrification of Utithi Primary School is now completed and the new latrine complex nearing completion.

We went across country to Kathyaka Secondary School in July where the library and quiet study building was found to be more than half completed, the next phase of funding has already been sent. On this cross country trip we pushed on further, to our most outlying school, Kisiio Primary School, where we viewed the all but completed Mango Project that hopes to have this school self sufficient within 8 to 10 years, a remarkable effort and feat by the local community and Gap-Africa’s support and guidance.