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The Shiplake College Expedition Society (SCES) kicked off the building of the much needed Secondary school in the grounds of Kikunduku Primary School. Set slightly apart and separated from the primary school by the track used by the Rangers of the Chyulu Hills National Park that borders the school, it is being carved out of the incredibly harsh lava and volcanic earth. The photos show that the building has reached the completion of Phase 1, taking the building up to plate height. Gap-Africa will now initiate Phase 2.

We hope to see more pupils educated to secondary level by the provision of a secondaryschool this deep into the foothills of the Chyulu Hills National Park. The fact that most of the students will be day boys and girls means that our funding goes further in supporting students who need our financial backing, or face having no further education; a real waste of national resources. Education enhances the whole community, and as we watch our influence in assisting the advancement of education in this harsh area over the past 21 years bear fruit, we see the area in general uplifted as those we educate return home with new skills to apply and impart.

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