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If you are intrested in sponsoring a Kenyan student through Secondary School? Then why not look at our case study below in which we look at one of our most successful pupils.

Gap-Africa strives to find sponsors for disadvantaged students who score very high in their Primary School final exams in Standard 8. Often these bright young minds are denied further education due to money.. A simple secondary school certificate impacts hugely on future employment opportunities.

Below is the story of 2014′s top scoring secondary student, Michael, who now has a free place at a good state university. He will study engineering. This is his story in his own words:

“That day, as I always did, I woke up early to commence my normal duties as directed by my parents the previous night. The good news of my passing in the K.C.P.E brought a mixed reaction in my family. Nobody could hide their happiness from the fast that I had gunned down 380 marks out of the 5000 marks, being one of the best student within the locality. For the first time, I realized that, anything can be built from scratch.

These celebrations were short – lived though; it wasn’t a stretch to see how my father had turned toy, for his head was overwhelmed with bulky thoughts on what will be my next step. Vividly, I remember how my father, a few days down the line after the good news had been offered a chance as a form one student in one of the good schools in the country – Ngoto boys’ high school.

The news were worth mentioning within the village, but, the most sensational piece of the tale was that, my parents could not afford, least of all, half of the money required for my studies for at least one term. I felt budging pain over weigh my heart, as I cursed all the sacrifice that I had ever made towards my success. I couldn’t imagine, how my youthful dream, a dream that was nearly visualizing, was now turning trashy. My father was not at ease at all. The impossibilities seemed more than the possibilities.

It occurred miraculously. This was a red – letter day, when out of the blues, my fate found me, unsuccessfully struggling to save my shattering dream. Christopher Maundu, a man known for his humanly deeds, visited our home and broke the news that, I had been selected for a sponsorship in my secondary school education by the Shiplake College Community. This was my least expectation since for I had acknowledged that my dream was impossibility. It was such soothing news and I felt no more pain, everything was almost falling perfectly in place. I had to salute highly.

For four years, enjoyed the privilege of free secondary education, and for this, I workedtirelessly, not to fail my sponsor, my parents and the community at large. The idea and the dream Michealof once becoming a mechanical engineer never drained from my mind. It set me rolling in and out of the library, making consultations with my teachers, making love with physical science and setting and breaking academic records.
Soon, I was out of my four year course study. From the efforts that I had during my study. From the efforts that I had during my study period, I wasn’t astonished to score an A- in K.C.S.E exams. I felt great, not because a lovely Eddy and Dan coudn’t hide their love to me by sponsoring my education. It was a dream that could have been vanished in the bins and I was jovial and appreciative for their sacrifice.

Later in the year 2014, I joined Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, for my degree in mechanical and industrial engineering; a five-year study course that I hope after I’m done with, I will have become all what have ever dreamt of. It’s a journey that I must walk through for all to be well. I thank all my well wishers, that have seen me through to this far.”