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Gap-Africa is happy to work with any organisation or school who wish to put something positive into education at our Kikunduku Schools Project (KSP) in Kenya. We have reached out across Europe and have been embraced by Rheingauschule in Geisenheim and the organisational skills of Norwin Terfoort, a teacher there. Rheingauschule have just spent a successful six night stay at the KSP, at Kikunduku Primary School in particular, much as Shiplake College in the UK has done for 22 years. We must also mention Cox Mill Elementary School in North Carolina, another school whose staff and students have reached out to the KSP over many years now.

Gap-Africa advises many on how best to deliver aid and can claim that 100% of its own donations end up where they are supposed to. This is because we visit our KSP schools in person, deliver funding where it is to be used, we do this in phases that have to be completed before the next phase is released and we follow the projects through to the end. We also facilitate donors who wish to visit the KSP and see for themselves where their donations are being implemented.

The photos below will attest to the success of Norwin’s group. They achieved¬† a huge amount in their time there and Gap-Africa, and the community at Kikunduku village, are ever grateful.

Well done Rheingauschule! Let’s hope their example will bring many more schools into the fold, Gap-Africa is here to guide and advise and we also prepare any group thoroughly for the experience ahead.