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Subject to a hydrologist report into viability Gap-Africa have just commissioned a bore hole well to be sunk on the site where Kyaani Primary and Secondary Schools are placed. Gap-Africa has recently completed the building of the Secondary school.

These schools have no water and it is a major problem in every area including that of hygiene. As such we approached a fellow charity, WellBoring.org, who specialise in the placing of wells. WellBoring are a charity that operates much like our own where every penny donated is applied to their projects, all input is voluntary and the trustees carry their own costs.

Please visit their web site on: http://wellboring.org/ and read for yourself the wonderful work they undertake.

Gap-Africa will work with and facilitate WellBoring in the completion of this commission provided all the hydrology reports are positive and the quality of any water passes their stringent tests.


Needless to say there are many steps in the pursuance of a project like this. We might have a smooth and easy run that costs relatively little, but we may hit snags along the way, perhaps finding that the well needs to be very deep and more sophisticated and expensive pumps are required. Whatever …… wells like this are not cheap and we ask that you all make a special effort at this time in fund raising.

We take our inspiration form Cox Mill Elementary School (CMES) in North Carolina who have dedicated all their substantial fund raising this year towards this well project. Our thanks go to Alison Moore and CMES for focussing our attention on this big but much needed project.


A hand pump on a shallow well at Kikunduku Primary School

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