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This was a good year for finishing off projects and commissioning many buildings. This involved travelling around all our schools in the Kikunduku Schools Project (KSP) and watching various of our sponsors unveiling plaques.

We were also so privileged to have a contingent of teachers from our American supporting school join us for some wildlife watching, white water rafting and visiting the KSP. Cox Mill Elementary School, from North Carolina (CMES), have been raising funds for us for thirteen years. We have always hoped they might one day join us, and have passed out an invitation every year. This was our lucky year. We appreciate the visit, and the effort and cost and long, long flights to get there more than we can say.

The visit was worth it, we always find that actually being there says so much more than words or pictures ever can. There is nothing like being in a vibrant school filled with children so eager to learn and who will not miss a school day for the world. But beware – it is rather noisy!

Below we see Alison Moore, headmistress of CMES, unveiling the plaque commissioning the community and Kyaani Primary and Secondary Hall. This hall is huge and wqill serve the community well. Gap-Africa has other plans for this space now that Kyaani has mains electricity –  a recent arrival – and wants to provide a digital projector and documentaries, wildlife series and suitable other video mediums for education. So, if anyone has one lying around not being used, please let us know!

Having built the new girl’s dormitory at Utithi Primary, Gap-Africa now needs to build a staff house at the school for a matron to be in attendance on site (by law). We are seeking a UK school to partner us in building this house so please join us in this worthwhile venture.2017 4 2017 3 2017 2 2017 1