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Our sponsoring of disadvantaged students started with Winifred, our very first one in the programme back in the early 2000’s. Part of our ethos is to lift the entire community by putting in as much as we can, not only in education. We ask that if at all possible those we work with find a way to “put back” in any way they can in later life. Well, we have a dream come true in Winifred who has returned and is now the pre-school teacher at Kikunduku. Winifred will long be an example to all, and we found ourselves at Nzouni school sitting with three other young teachers who had known us since we started in 1994, and who are now also back in their community “paying back” and loving it. They claim their area is not what it was back then, our positive vibes have made an impact on their lives too and lifted the community as a whole. Educational input has brought  prosperity somehow.